Avoiding common CRM pitfalls

Customer relationship management (CRM) programs have become increasingly popular in the healthcare industry as the demand for more personalized brand interaction grows. They have been a successful tool for connecting […]

The time to embrace emerging markets is now

It’s happening. In fact, it’s already happened. The pharma industry is hurtling headlong into emerging markets with incredible passion and energy. Emerging markets aren’t just the future of the pharma […]

Brand dogma for building new healthcare brands – Part 2

Healthcare brands are a veritable smorgasbord of tangible and intangible attributes. Manage them effectively and you can create: Value Relevancy Influence Equity One of the biggest pitfalls I see is […]

Brand dogma for building new healthcare brands – Part 1

There’s something magical about launching a new healthcare brand. Maybe it’s the thrill of starting from a blank slate or the potential for prominence. Whatever the impetus, this two-part series […]

If I had a crystal ball, this is what it would tell me

It’s that time of year again, so I’m going to chime in with some fact-driven predictions for 2014. There will be less demand for healthcare: Medical inflation is predicted to […]

The Struggle for Consumer Attention: Brand-Name Drugs vs. Generics

When consumers believe two products to be exact replicas of one another, it makes sense for them to choose the less expensive option. This theory applies to the pharmaceutical world […]

Brands Prepare Marketing Assets For Royal Birth

Stay mindful of opportunities to jump on major trends and conversation, where possible and relevant. Your product may not relate to the royal birth, but there are major events all the time that intersect with your community.

Keys to an Effective Client-Agency Relationship

Brandkarma's CEO, Ken Ribotsky, was among thoughts leaders in pharma consulted for insight into what makes for an optimal agency-client relationship in pharma, especially in a new digital age.

Part 3: The ACA, Dr. Donald Berwick, and Inspiring Change in Behavior

Logical incentives, matched with emotional appeals and strict guidance, proved to be a lethal combination that inspired behavioral change among Dr. Berwick’s audiences. Initial participants were experiencing improvements in patient […]

The Future of Pharma Marketing is Smarter, Multichannel Campaigns

The next year for pharmaceutical firms will continue to bring along evolution in how pharma goes about its business. Accenture recently surveyed 200 senior executives at large US-based pharma firms, […]