Brandkarma’s Top Travel Tips

Whether we are presenting to clients, helping out with sales training, attending conferences, or going on vacation, employees at Brandkarma spend a lot of time traveling and living on the road. We present Brandkarma’s top travel tips.

Part 2: The ACA, Dr. Donald Berwick, and Inspiring Change in Behavior

How Dr. Berwick and his 75-member team go about changing decades of routine in an industry traditionally known for its aversion to change?

Patient-Centered Care and Pharma: Expert Opinion on an Important Evolution

“If we put the patients at the center of our decision, the prospects will follow. It has to happen at launch, at R&D, [throughout]. We have to understand patient needs from the very beginning. It improves adherence, health outcomes, and the bottom line.”

“Beam My Melanoma Diagnosis Up, Scotty”

It is challenging enough for pharma sales representatives to get face time with physicians to influence prescribing behaviors. What happens when more computers start writing the scripts for patients?

Social Pharma: Both Patients AND Providers Active on Social Media

The paradigm of the doctor-patient relationship is undergoing more change now than it has in decades, if not centuries. Patients had always entered the doctor’s office equipped with little to no knowledge, ready to take the word of their physician as gospel. But things have changed.

Healthcare Leadership Chat: A Paradigm For Patient-Centered Care

A Twitter chat of leading thinkers in healthcare discussed the increasing role of the patients in directing healthcare decisions.

In Their Own Words: How Doctors Prefer to Engage With Pharma

This five part series revealed some great insights into how HCPs view pharma, sales reps, communication, and more.

We like working in pharma because…

At Brandkarma, we are creative. We are calculating. And what we find cool are the drugs, biologics, devices, diagnostics, etc. that change the way we care for peoples’ health. Pharma […]

Insights From Twitter at the Marketing Optimization Summit

The best insights and stats shared on Twitter during the conference.

5 Free Internet Tools to Help Pharma Marketers Listen

By utilizing a variety of paid and free listening techniques, one can discover valuable information, including side effects, concerns, competition, product advocates, product opponents, and more.