Our mission

To positively impact the health and happiness of the world around us. To fully express our creativity and strategic problem-solving ability by creating thoughts, desires, and connections that help our clients go further than they may have imagined. To enjoy the process, deriving personal satisfaction in the work we do every day.

How we work

Art and words entice. Science proves. Having the skill to combine these ideas gives us the power to help make people feel better—every day. That’s what we do here. And we love it. We dig in deep to learn and create. We expose and nurture the unique difference that every brand has. We don’t work in a vacuum, but in an open free exchange of ideas where the best ideas are explored and developed. It’s actually quite exciting and what brings us back for more.

We come to Brandkarma every day not knowing exactly what brand challenge will present itself—only that it may be difficult, fun, frustrating, enriching, or a combination of all of these feelings and more. But underlying it all is certainty that we can change lives for the better. This energizes us and our work.

We expose and nurture the unique difference that every brand has.

We believe in the power of a good story and a smart plan.

How we do it

We believe in the power of a good story and a smart plan. We study human behavior to understand how and why people react to messages across channels. With our core values always in mind, we’ve perfected our scientific and creative processes to create messages that are felt, not simply heard.

Our clients feel our passion and love what we do. In a very real way, we join their team, and they trust that we’ve got their back—every day. This is why they work with us for years and years, taking us with them wherever they go.

Winning awards and recognition from our peers feels good.

Sure it feels great to win awards, especially the types that are bestowed by your own peers—those who grapple each day with the same kinds of work challenges. If they think your work is good, it may be pretty darn good.

After all is said and done, the real reward is when our work moves the sales needle for our clients, raises awareness, or creates brand affinity. That’s what we are here for.

At Brandkarma we know that award-winning creative strategies actually help sell products and services. We know the research that backs this up, and we also live it each day with our clients. Simply put—“same old, same old” does not sell.

Here are some examples of the types of awards and recognition we receive year after year.

  • Med Ad News
  • The Rx Club
  • The Global Awards
  • Product Management Today
  • eMarket Healthcare World
  • Healthcare Communication & Marketing Association
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Effectiveness Award
  • Ken Ribotsky
    Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Nominee

Leadership Team

Ken RibotskyPresident & CEO

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Ken not only leads, but works alongside his team (think part marketing manager, part creative director, and part copywriter all wrapped into one consummate perfectionist), offering so much more than a “salesman-only” president. From producing and directing TV commercials, to launching DTC and Rx to OTC switches, Ken brings his clients a world of experience in OTC and Rx pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and dermatologic aesthetics.

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Dorene Weisenstein RibotskyExecutive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer

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Dorene drives the strategic and creative vision for every domestic and global healthcare brand that Brandkarma builds. She has an instinctive ability to mastermind strong strategic platforms and translate them into disruptive creative that compels audiences to halt and pay attention, whether they are professionals, patients, or consumers. Her distinctive point of view for healthcare branding is the result of Dorene’s years with leading creative consumer agencies, working on a variety of high profile consumer brands, including those in fashion, food, and skin care. Teaming up with Ken in 1991, she brings healthcare clients the best of all her creative worlds.

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