Five Google+ Tips for Pharma Marketers

Determining social media’s role in pharma has been the elusive goal for marketers across the industry. With the FDA’s promised guidelines yet to appear, brands have hesitated to create Facebook […]

How do you measure the value of adding value?

In my last post, I wrote about some of the changes that may result when sales representatives’ performance evaluations are measured against the value and service they provide to their […]

Shifting sales representatives into a new gear of providing value

You have probably read about GlaxoSmithKline’s move to base their sales representatives’ performance evaluations on the value and service provided to customers rather than individual achievements of sales targets. Here’s […]

Using Strategy, Strategically, in Pharma Marketing

The word “strategy” is one of the more overused terms in pharma today. The only thing more worn-out was the hype that surrounded Kim Kardashian’s wedding. (I guess my invitation […]

Has Treating Pain Become One?

It is an increasingly rare day when patients, their physicians, and the pharmaceutical industry all agree on something. In this case, the something is the treatment of chronic pain, and […]

New Technology: Let’s Not Leap Before We Look

Like many before me, I came to agency life from academia. Needless to say, I have found these worlds to be very different, but one area where I am experiencing […]

Defy “delete”: 7 tips for boosting e-mail marketing response rates

Spam filters are the kiss of death with e-mail marketing, and CAN-SPAM legislation puts more limits on reaching customers. You can rise to the challenge by challenging “that everything used […]

Why we can’t afford to miss the big picture

This New York Times article about a disastrous set of circumstances that is now being faced by the Niaspan brand team really got my attention. The set-up: NIH stopped a […]

Fine-Tuning Customer Relationship Marketing for a Biotech World?

When people say the world is getting smaller, they cannot exclude a changing pharmaceutical industry in that discussion. Years ago, if a company wanted to be a player in the […]

The right moves are motivating

Sometimes, the best way to move someone from point A to point B is via point C. Take yoga mats, for example. Instead of telling people to buy a yoga […]