“Beam My Melanoma Diagnosis Up, Scotty”

It is challenging enough for pharma sales representatives to get face time with physicians to influence prescribing behaviors. What happens when more computers start writing the scripts for patients?

Social Pharma: Both Patients AND Providers Active on Social Media

The paradigm of the doctor-patient relationship is undergoing more change now than it has in decades, if not centuries. Patients had always entered the doctor’s office equipped with little to no knowledge, ready to take the word of their physician as gospel. But things have changed.

Insights From Twitter at the Marketing Optimization Summit

The best insights and stats shared on Twitter during the conference.

5 Free Internet Tools to Help Pharma Marketers Listen

By utilizing a variety of paid and free listening techniques, one can discover valuable information, including side effects, concerns, competition, product advocates, product opponents, and more.

HealthTap connects patients to doctors and represents great opportunity for pharma

Patients and caregivers consult a number of resources when seeking health-related information and making important health-related decisions. Pharmaceutical firms have always known how important it is to foster such information […]

Are you down with demand for digital?: Part 2

The robo doctor will see you now A estimated 88% of physicians are now using mobile technology to facilitate some sort of patient care. Those who fear that digital technologies […]

Are you down with demand for digital?: Part 1

Healthcare is in the middle of a digital revolution and there’s no stopping it. Company startups are exploding onto the scene, and their management and R&D teams aren’t burgeoning with […]